A New Clothes Dryer!

She’s a little rusty, but I’m in love with her!

Am I crazy to be so nostalgic about a clothes line?…maybe.

But who would know that such a simplistic thing would bring such joy and memories? Good and bad. Growing up, I always thought that we were “less than” others because we didn’t own a dryer. I felt looked down upon because we hung our clothes on a clothesline or when the weather was bad we went to the laundry mat.

As a young child a dryer was considered an unnecessary luxury. I can remember running through my grandmothers sheets as they hung on the line to dry while playing with my cousins. And then getting yelled at for running through her clean sheets with our dirty little bodies. Cause we didn’t have wii’s or nintendo or anything else that kept us inside. We played in the mud and with sticks and rocks and whichever one of us had a ball. If you stayed inside you were put to work shelling peas or shucking corn, or stirring the pot at the hot stove while things were being canned and now…that had to be avoided at all costs. I wish I had paid more attention to the canning part.

Now I feel so filled with pride to be hanging my clothes on a clothesline.

A freshly washed load of sheets and blankets that have been dried outside await my bedtime tonight. Sure I could have put another set on – but those were dried in the dryer. Yeah, I’m a rebel like that.

Download 082600122...jpg
…don’t you just love the way they drape their graceful selves across the backyard?
Download 082600122...jpg

….simplicity….the beauty is in the simplicity. Lord, I need more simplicity in my life. Teach me.

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2 Responses to A New Clothes Dryer!

  1. Virginia Werner says:

    my silly computer won’t show your pictures 😦 gma

  2. Cindi says:

    Love it! But, I also cannot see the pictures, we need to figure out why this is happening so everyone can enjoy them.

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