My Life is Growing Up

How eventful these last few weeks have been! I had one daughter turn 16 and purchase her own car! (Cute little red Focus). My other daughter, the oldest, started working the night shift at her job so she could make more money to save up for college. Then there is the baby of the family, my son, he started high school last week. This is the first time he has ever even set foot in a classroom. He’s been home schooled his whole life. So far, he hates it. It’s breaking my heart. He wants to come home and be home schooled again, but he wants to be a big fellow too, fit in with everyone else. How do you explain that you are not made to “fit in”, but to “stand out”. We are allowing him to make the decision. He has one week. It’s a big decision. Whatever it is, he has to stick to it for the next 4 years.

How did it happen so quickly? They were all outside in the back yard making mud pies just yesterday……

Now they are driving trucks and cars, attending high school and college, I miss my babies. Don’t get me wrong, I am so pleased at my fine young adults. But I miss my babies. You woulda thought if I was gonna cry, it would be when he left for his first day at high school, nope. Or when he tells me nightly how he hates it, but still can’t decide if he wants to come home, no tears then either (although it does break my heart into a million pieces.) No instead, it’s now, when I’m remembering their child hood. Their chubby little baby legs and cheeks.

The diva told me “You’ve got to push him to do it, he’s got to get out of his shell”. When you’ve had three children and your heart is attached to every move they make, every decision they make, every thing that affects them– then you can tell me what to do,  but until then– be quiet…..and be careful driving to work, I love you….bye.

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One Response to My Life is Growing Up

  1. Cindi says:

    Its bittersweet for sure. And, yes, I agree with your last statement, lol.

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