A Mother’s Heart Walks

She turned 16 yesterday. This morning at approximately 10:45, our state granted her a drivers license.

A mother’s heart walks out the door every time a child leaves the house. You would think I would be a little more at ease this time around. She’s not the first in this household to get a drivers license, to leave the home without an adult. But it’s not any easier. Do I trust Him a little more ?  I think so– I hope so.

Now that the oldest is an adult, I, we both, still go into a frenzy if she is more than 15 minutes late. Though, they all are good about calling to let us know if they are running late. Still, a mother’s heart walks where her children walk.  And now it sees 16 from a 40 year old rear view mirror.

One child from this home still awaits to go through this milestone… I wonder…how much more can my heart take. I wait to see the days when their hearts walk. As for this mother, I think mine will never stop walking. It’s a good thing though. There is grace for every need.

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2 Responses to A Mother’s Heart Walks

  1. Cindi says:

    Very true, and the reason I made mine wait til 18!!! LOL! Cause my heart couldn’t take that walk when it should have….and though my faith in God is true, my faith in my then 16 year olds wasn’t so true, lol. Awesome Post!

  2. LOL, you should have met my mom when i was that age….she was the practically shoving me into the DMV to get a license…she was tired of me driving around!! But then she was a total warden when I was late….mothers are funny that…but I know she loved me and thats why she yelled!!

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