Busy Week

This has been a very busy week! I’ve been walking as usual, (up to a half hour now)  and I’ve been working on mural for a client. They’ve been so impressed with my work in the baby’s room, they’ve asked me to do another in the childrens bathroom. Yay! I love doing what I was created to do. Although my carpal tunnel in my left had is killing me. I am right handed, but of course use both hands extensively when painting. Oh well, it’s all good. We have decided to become vegetarian/vegan.  I’m thrilled about that. I’ve been doing it a couple of weeks now and feel awesome. I am weaning the family off of meat, dairy, white sugar and white flour. So far, no real complaints- other than the normal “I hate squash”, but we hear that every time I make it. While I’m enjoying painting the murals, I’m excited to get back home and start trying to make some new things from scratch. I already do a lot of from scratch cooking, but I’m excited to try new things.

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One Response to Busy Week

  1. We miss you sooooo much! But, totally lovin that you are doing your passion! So proud of you and so happy for you!

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