Homemade Hand Sanitizer

I don’t know why someone didn’t think of this earlier. Now I don’t recall from where I got this recipe- but it’s out there in lots of places in cyberspace– kudos to who ever came up with it. It is ridiculously cheap and easy to make. Being the slight germ-a-phob that we all are in this house, hand sanitizer is in constant demand. So here goes. Oh, btw, in one bottle I added a few drops of essential lavender oil, in another bottle I added a few drops of baby oil- cause I like the smell of babies!~well clean babies.

1 bottle of aloe vera gel – the plain-not the kind that is green for treating sunburns, although you could probably use that, it has other added things in it that aren’t necessary for hand sanitizing. I found 2, 12 oz. bottles at my local dollar store for $2

1 bottle of alcohol

couple of drops of either essential oil or baby oil (optional)

recycle either one or two empty bottles with pumps.  I had an empty bottle of hand soap that I used. Fill the pump bottle 2/3 of the way with aloe vera gel- it helps if you buy a bottle with a squeeze top. Fill remainder of the way with alcohol and add your essential oil if you like. Put the top on and shake to mix ingredients. Now with the remaining aloe, I went ahead and poured about 1/2 c. of alcohol in there and mixed it and filled another bottle and I still have some left over. Now try it so you will be convinced it works just the same! It does. = )

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