Why? Why does the urge for me to get into shape always have to hit at the hottest time of the year? This is day 2 of exercising. I walked yesterday AND today for 20 minutes!! Yay!! Now that may not seem like a big deal to most, but for someone who has spent a good portion of the last year and a half in bed, I think it’s pretty awesome! Yeah, it’s hot, and I’m crazy for starting this now, but it’s now or never. I’m tired of making excuses. Now I actually can walk with minimal pain so I’m going to. I’m going to shed the lard that has attached itself to my behind.  (She said, losing enthusiasm with each word she types) Even if I don’t stay enthusiastic about this journey, I’m committed, I must do it  for my health, for my family’s well being, for my future grandchildren. (Okay so that’s a long way down the road, I need room to grow).

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One Response to Exercising

  1. Cindi says:

    WOOOOOT! YAY YOU! So proud of you, keep going girl!

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