The Speed of Life

Who can measure the length of a lifetime? How quickly does it pass, whether you have 100 days or 100 years? How do you react to the loss of a life? Especially when it is the life of a child. The thing is I’ve never met this child- or his mother. I do know her as a friend. A friend I met online while trying to save my family some money. She is, in my eyes and many others- a Super Hero. She knows so many ways to stretch a buck it is absolutely incredible. Just last week we were discussing how rambunctious all of her children are. Never once did I hear her complain though or be angry about anything they did. Believe me, these kids did some stuff! Like dumping out 5 lbs. of flour in the carpet to make sandcastles~ yep, she laughed about it and got out the vaccum cleaner.

What a shock! I can only imagine how her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. I ache for her loss, her pain. My heart stopped as I read the news. An urgent email from a mutual friend requesting prayer for him. There had been an accident, he was in critical condition.

From what I know, he had been a premie, only weighing a couple of pounds at birth. I imagine she’s known a lot of fear for him since he was born. I can imagine the numbness she feels right now…the incredible void of not hearing his laughter, his cries for mommy, his warm hugs. My heart goes out to my friend. My prayers for her and her family are to find some sort of peace in something that makes no sense. And I hope the little guy can see now, how many lives he’s touched.

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